Monday, November 12, 2007

Orson Welles's Biography

Orson Welles was born in 1915 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His father, Richard Head Welles, was an inventor and his mother, Beatrice Ives, was a beautiful concert pianist.

Orson Welles as a child was good at piano, magic, and painting; all these arts were taught by his mother. When his parents died he became the war of Chicago Physician Dr. Maurice Bernstain. He went to Ireland where he studied acting with Doublin's famous gate theather (1931). He returned to The United States in 1932 and made his Brodway debut as "Tybalt" in "Romeo and Juliet". In 1934 he got married to Verginia Nicholson, an actress and a socialitè woman. They only had one son, Christopher; better known as Chris Welles Feder.

In 1938 Orson Welles begun producing plays on the Mercury Theather, which soon became very popular. After that, Orson Welles made "Citizen Kane". Even though now it is recognized as one of the most important movies of the cinema, at that time it wasn't. After that fail, Welles was recognized as an erratic film-maker who couldn't do succesful movies. After that, he traveled to Europe where he continued acting to earn money to finance his own productions.

He returned to the United States in 1970 when he was recognized as one of the most important genious of American Films.

He died on October 10th, 1985. In Hollywood, California, United States (Hard attack).

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Kristine said...

Good lord, if you are going to lift unsubstantiated information about this guy from another website at least verify the facts and spelling. Christopher, the first born child to Welles is NOT a son, she is a DAUGHTER. Also, Orson Welles wasn't deemed a "war" of the state of Illinois, he was a "ward" of the state.