Sunday, November 11, 2007


Charles Foster Kane - Played by Orson Welles: he is the main character of the movie. He was a wealthy newspaper publisher. In his childhood his parents received a big fortune and sent him to another city to be raised by a banker. As a result for being separated from his parents, he became arrogant and insensible. Finally, because of his attitude he loses his friends, newspaper, and fortune.

Jedediah Leland - Played by Joseph Cotton: Kane’s college friend. Leland admires Kane while working in the newspaper. Soon he will notice that Kane is becoming more unscrupulous, so that he will ask for a transfer to Chicago to escape from Kane.

Susan Alexander Kane - Played by Dorothy Comingore. Kane’s lover. At first she seems so sweet with, but after she marries Kane, she became whiny and demanding and wants to take control of Kane’s life.

Mary Kane - Played by Agnes Moorehead. Kane’s mother. After coming into a fortune she sends her son far away from home to be raised by a banker. During the movie Mary can’t not be seen enough to judge her for leaving her son.

Mr. Bernstein - Played by Everett Sloane. Kane’s friend and employee. He is a Jewish man, who loves Kane unconditionally. Mr. Bernstein wants Kane to be happy, and is the only one who understands his attitude.

Walter Thatcher - Played by George Coulouris. He is the banker who raised Kane.
Even though Thatcher gave Kane everything he wanted during his childhood, Kane never forgives him for taking him away from home.

Emily Monroe Norton Kane - Played by Ruth Warrick. Kane’s first wife. Kane marries her because of her connections to the presidency. At first they seem to love each other, but later She can’t stand living with someone who cheats her. Few years later she died in a car accident along with their only child, a son.

Jim Kane - Played by Harry Shannon. Kane’s father. He is the opposite of Kane’s mother. He vacillates between wanting to raise his son by their own or sending him away from home.

Jerry Thompson - Played by William Alland. He is the reporter in charge of finding out the last word that Kane said before dying. Thompson is seen in few scenes during the movie.

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